Atomic 2 week releases

Michael P. McGrath mmcgrath at
Mon Mar 9 15:34:23 UTC 2015

Hey all, I wanted to start a thread about doing more frequent Atomic releases in Fedora.
In particular I'd like to start building a new atomic release every two weeks that
includes the latest version of Docker, Kubernetes, and OSTree for the Fedora Atomic

The problem I'm trying to solve here is that there is a lot of work going on upstream in
the Docker and Kubernetes communities and there isn't a very good way to consume that
upstream work on a Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS system today.  By focusing on more regular
releases, we can fix some of the issues we've seen (like demoing new features at a
conference that people can't actually use).  

There are still some details to work out like whether to base this image on Fedora
$CURRENT or rawhide and what to do when the builds fail.  Fortunately, this can possibly
be done without much additional change to the release process.  We're already rebuilding
the docker/kubernetes/ostree rpms almost daily, and there are nightly builds as well
(at least in rawhide).

If we can pull a 2 week process off, I'd like to see that followed by a 4 week process
in CentOS which will behave similarly but with the slightly slower-moving, more stable bits.



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