basic plan for two-week atomic images

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Thu May 21 21:14:51 UTC 2015

On Thursday, May 21, 2015 04:25:42 PM Matthew Miller wrote:
> This is a strawman based on my understanding of current abilities,
> available software/systems, and of what the developers want. Please
> poke holes, reorder, add and subtract, etc.
> Phase I
> 1. F22 trees built nightly (already happening)
there is new atomic trees built as part of the package updates process managed 
by bodhi.

> 2. Images built from those nightly (I think right now only rawhide?)
once f22 is final only rawhide.

> 3. Images go through automated tests, automatically (tunir; not fully
>    automatic yet, right?)
there is zero automated testing available, but we really need it, afaik it is 
all manual

> 4. Every two weeks, latest image to pass those tests gets linked
>    on atomic.fpo, again all automatically (NEEDS DESIGN AND CODE)
>     - probably need a manual override
>     - page will present these images with appropriate setting of
>       expectations ("fedora qa not to blame for anything here").
>     - need something to happen if there aren't any that pass for
>       two weeks, which should not happen I hope, but, y'know)
>         * automatic message about image being out of date
>         * next successful image automatically posted? Or do we
>           skip two weeks?
>     - also needs: commitment to follow and fix if things break
We need people to test, and a process to move things through stages. build all 
the images, etc. a location to put things, i,e lots of things

> Phase II
> 5. Ability to include packages from a side tag, repo, something.
>    All full, legit Fedora packages destined for main repo but maybe at
>    a different speed. (Implementation needs work)
>    - possibly initially just selected packages from updates-testing?
really we just need to push things stable. if we do updates-testing composes. 
we should be able to get the testing done and pushed through. there there is 
no need to go off and do special things
> Phase III
> 6. Something to only expose Atomic users to _update sets_ that pass the
>    tests (because, hey, we have tests!)
it would be most ideal to have things signed off as good. we kinda have it for 
updates with bodhi, we likely need something new or to extend something 

> 7. Presumably, there will be a switch to F23 as base at F23 release;
>    will there be overlap (beta images) to make that smooth?
we probably should do all supported releases and rawhide
> 8. What else?
> Phase IV
> 9. Expand tests beyond tunir — test installs on hardware, etc.
test everything :) including other parts of fedora. automated tests for cloud 
images would be good also. I fear we currently do not do anywhere near the 
testing that we should.

> 10. Maybe create a new, special Fedora repository for packages
>     with version skew mainline Fedora — e.g. newer systemd
>     or hold older Docker version for some reasons. (Up for
>     discussion — that's why this is in phase 3!)
We could do so, I would want to see a really good reason to do so. I would 
hope that what is done for one part of fedora does not break or have negative 
impacts on other parts of fedora, so just pushing the updates in should be 
good.  making rawhide more of a place to be, for me should be our goal. get 
the new awesome things in there and used by people, leave the stable releases 

> 11. More what else?
> Does this seem basically sane and in line with what people are
> expecting? What's missing? What's extra? What's just wrong? :)
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