[cloud] #132: Fedora AMIs should use corresponding s3 mirrors

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Sun Nov 1 03:23:02 UTC 2015

#132: Fedora AMIs should use corresponding s3 mirrors
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Comment (by mattdm):

 The mirror service _is_ actually smart enough. We used to have EC2
 mirrors, but it was very, very slow to sync to them, and I'm told not
 enough people were using them to make it worthwhile. If we can demonstrate
 that they'd really be useful, maybe we can change that.

 I guess part of the problem is that, for example, X-based games are very
 unlikely to be wanted in the cloud, but we don't have a smart way of just
 syncing the _likely_ stuff to S3, resulting in a lot of waste.

 The rpm-ostree update system used by Atomic is designed to work with
 object store systems like S3, and should also be able to use S3 with
 minimal change. And that _is_ a subset, so I think maybe that's a good
 place to start.

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