Alternatives to cloud-init (was Re: [DISCUSS] Cloud and Server Workgroup relationship)

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Mon Nov 2 14:57:51 UTC 2015

On Thursday, October 29, 2015 09:30:29 AM Josh Boyer wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 29, 2015 at 9:16 AM, Joe Brockmeier <jzb at> wrote:
> > On 10/28/2015 08:21 PM, Josh Boyer wrote:
> >> The *could* be the same thing,
> >> except cloud-init is terrible and I hate it and if that was the single
> >> offering we had for some kind of C&S WG I would cry.  I hate it
> >> because it is ridiculous to use in a non-cloud environment, and Server
> >> very much has that as part of it's reach.
> > 
> > Forking this thread briefly because I think this deserves its own
> > discussion.
> I apologize if my rambling wasn't clear on this point.  Hopefully this
> tangent is short-lived.
> > Is your objection primarily to the concept of cloud-init or the
> > implementation? If it's the concept, not much we can help with there. If
> > it's the implementation...
> Well, neither really.  Admittedly my use of the Cloud images, and
> therefore cloud-init, was in attempted to boot it in a VM and log in
> more like a traditional install for simple test purposes.  That didn't
> work and getting it to the point where I could log in required running
> some virt-tool thing to modify the image offline.  So in the context
> of "Server & Cloud", where people expect to be able to log in after an
> install in many cases, cloud-init makes it really hard and is
> ill-suited to that kind of environment.
> Specific to cloud environments, I have no idea if the hassle of
> getting it setup is the norm or worthwhile.  I've been told it is, and
> I can see where having the infrastructure setup to provide the
> credentials already in place might make the hassle much less
> problematic.
> (It is also quite possible I hit a bug in the cloud image.  I tried
> running the local setup to provide cloud-init with ssh keys and it
> didn't work, hence the virt-tool thing.  It has been a while since I
> tried again.)

I have long said we need to provide packaged a service that can be run locally 
to provide the needed metadata, possibly having libvirt manage it.  it should 
be trivial to import into virt-manager the cloud image and run it and have it 
be useful.

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