two-week atomic status update

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Fri Sep 18 15:43:14 UTC 2015

Update on

Status update:

1. Images are produced nightly
   - uh, right now, F23 image seems like it might be broken

2. Testing system works and is waiting to go into production
   - open questions on vagrant and openqa, but those have made progress
   - Kushal is going to work on getting this into production next week

3. Adam estimates a day for getting release engine into production
   after that

4. And then some time from Ralph and Robyduck to integrate into website

   Note: Because Cloud WG voted to aim focus change to Atomic as
   post-23, this will go on rather than on

So, right now:

Plan A: at F23 release, have images produced via this Two-Week Atomic
be what's shown on that getfedora download page, rather than the images
from the general gold compose ("traditional")

Plan B: at F23 release, use the images from the traditional compose.
Switch to Two-Week images two weeks later.

Colin says that the Atomic dev team is good with switching to F23 as
the base at F23 release -- no known need to lag.

Matthew Miller
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Fedora Project Leader

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