Planning for upcoming council meetings

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Mon Apr 20 17:29:16 UTC 2015

As you may have noticed, I again didn't schedule a meeting for today.
However, I don't want to slip into a routine of nothin' happening. So,
here's a proposal.

Every other week, we will have a drop-in meeting in IRC. I'll set up an
automatic invite for this. I'll make a point of being there, but
attendance won't be mandatory. This will basically function as open
floor for the topics of the day, but if people have specific topics to
raise, we'll try to organize around that on the mailing list

The other weeks will alternate between IRC-based business meetings and
subproject status meetings.

The "business" meetings will focus on tickets and specific agenda
items, and will try to timebox these and avoid extended discussion —
and therefore will require planning ahead. These meetings will end up
being only monthly, so they can't be the _only_ place we do work, but
basically will serve to make sure that work that needs to be done has
the right people attached, and that things don't slip forever.

The status meetings will feature presentations from various
subprojects, covering

  - the current state of the subproject
  - future plans
  - things the team needs from the rest of the project
    - any blockers we can help unblock
    - big resource requests?

I'm thinking we will ask for an actual slideshow presentation... with
these — not really formal, but a little more prepared than a
show-up-and-answer-questions session.

I asked Chris Roberts from the Marketing Team if he'd be interested in
doing the first of these, and he said he would, so we can use that as a
trial. I'd like to experiment with doing these as recorded video
sessions, ideally with an open-source technology, but if the tech isn't
up to our needs, I'm open to considering something like Google Hangouts
and Youtube, as we've done for Flock. (Would anyone like to raise their
hand to experiment with something like Jitsi? —
looks like it can even use all-open codecs.) Or, for some of these, we
could do IRC with follow-along URLs to slides.

So, concretely, that would look something like:

- April 27: Council business meeting
- May    4: Open Floor
- May   11: Subproject Status: Marketing
- May   18: Open Floor
- May   25: Council business meeting
- June   1: Open Floor
- June   8: Subproject Status: TBD (QA, maybe?)
- June  15: Open Floor
- June  22: Council business meeting

Does this sound good? Is it too slow — too much open floor? I'm trying
to find a balance between no regular cadence and too much reliance on
meetings (and, avoiding too many "same as last week" reports").

Matthew Miller
<mattdm at>
Fedora Project Leader

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