[Design Team] #157: FUDcon on-campus advertisement posters

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Wed Jan 19 23:10:38 UTC 2011

#157: FUDcon on-campus advertisement posters
Reporter:  rrix                   |        Owner:  marcstewart  
    Type:  other artwork request  |       Status:  assigned     
Priority:  major                  |    Component:  Other Artwork
Severity:  Moderately Involved    |   Resolution:               
Keywords:                         |  
Comment (by ianweller):


 Had to make a few changes, the use of the Fedora logo in the middle of
 that paragraph isn't okay (not enough clear space) and the QR code needed
 to be larger, so I adjusted that.

 There were a few other changes I made just to normalize margins and space
 things out a bit.

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