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Thu Aug 6 17:51:23 UTC 2009

Okay then, given the discussions surrounding the proposal, I believe
that this proposal is best remembered as the discussion is very
massive in metaphors too subjective.

When did the proposal, not thought in a discussion to address many
issues, such as referring the "Great Waves ... ' of Kanagawa or even
religious issues that I read here on the list. I based the name and
made an explicit reference to the code, pasting other elements (such
as the engraving of Doré) to give an air of superiority to the statue
and a texture of concrete to harmonize the art.
Different from when I proposed an art involving the Tower of
Constantine that was mentioned subjectively applied with some effects
which referred the technology.

I know that there is no common consensus in the use of the Statue of
art, perhaps, because I do not follow the original idea was to do
something with the theme "mosaic", using a collage of photos may look
a little "démodé" but for me is I can work and provide, as I have the
gift of making illustrations.

The arguments that I have to use this art are little because I am
thinking more artistically than functionally, and even think that
artistically I said here that "art is subjective and is easy to
conceptualize a work of art or art done for a distribution.
These are my thoughts and I believe that the decision taken by this
team will be better for everyone.


2009/8/6 Máirín Duffy <mairin at linuxgrrl.com>:
> Thanks for starting this off, Martin!
> On Thu, 2009-08-06 at 16:46 +0200, Martin Sourada wrote:
>> Now to get the ball rolling. I'm sort of tired of photo-manip and
>> rathercomplex backgrounds that extensively use various patterns,
>> brushes, etc. so while I like Jayme's design, and don't have any sound
>> reason for not making it default, I'd rather go with one of the other
>> two. Perhaps the main concern I have is that it is too concrete to my
>> taste and that it has some sort of religious feel -- all the clouds
>> (or are they waves?) and Constantine sitting in midst of that... Also
>> the wallpaper seems too busy to me, like composed from two different
>> themes (like if the statue was implanted into the design after it has
>> been already done), the statue steals to much attention.
> It's a very beautifully-rendered wallpaper. My main concern about it is
> conceptually, it is a very literal interpretation of the codename. I was
> hoping we could allude to the codename in a little more subtle manner,
> to leave room for people's personal interpretations. The whole codename
> process is a bit of a fun game ('how did you get from there to THERE?')
> and having the artwork allude to it in a less literal manner could also
> make for some fun discussion/interpretation post-release. And in case
> you're not sure why I take this position - because I think we made the
> mistake in the past of trying a literal interpretation (remember the
> sulphur artwork with pieces of sulphur? :) )
> Even being a literal interpretation, I am not sure that the image of
> Constantine (of which, in history, there were several) is going to be
> readily recognized by most people. I think people will think 'statue'
> instead. Metaphorically, a statue is frozen in time, solid, stable...
> but we're a progressive, innovative distribution. Perhaps the notion
> that the statue is in fact Constantine could be supported with some
> flourishes/designs/textures affiliated with the culture associated with
> him. You said that you used Gustave Doré woodblock prints, and while
> they are beautiful, I'm not sure they are related to or evoke the
> culture of Constantine. (Although I know he's not Japanese, the texture
> actually reminds me of Japanese woodblock prints, eg, 'Great Wave off
> the coast of Kanagawa' [1])
> I'd feel more comfortable choosing a wallpaper that is
> conceptually-strong but needs rendering work, than a wallpaper that is
> rendered perfectly but is conceptually weak. This is simply because the
> later has more potential for things to go wrong and for requiring more
> time & effort than the former. This is not to say that the concept of
> this design couldn't be improved upon in the time left, but there is not
> much time before our decision. What John has suggested - that this
> conceptually be about calmness in a turbulent sea - is for example, a
> better concept than just a statue of Constantine as it can be much more
> metaphorical and very much related to Constantine's rule as I believe
> historically he brought a lot of order to chaos. If you wanted to push
> this concept further, there's a lot of things you could do - eg drop the
> very literal statue and work in some other calming object to contrast
> with the turbulence of Gustave Doré's sea.
> Another concern that was brought up in IRC today is that it includes a
> weapon, which in the past with proposals has sparked quite a bit of
> negative feedback. Perhaps the photo could be manipulated to exclude the
> weapon, though, so maybe it's not as big a concern.
>> For the underwater mosaic. I think it very cool and awesome, but at the
>> same time it still needs a lot of work. It kind of reminds me both of
>> the DNA and waves themes that I rather liked. And while it's still a
>> photomanip, it's abstract and I think the mosaic, water and glows work
>> great together if used right. On the flip side, it's rather big in size,
>> which we could probably optimize by using JPEG instead of PNG... I would
>> really love to see the default theme in F12 to be based on this concept.
>> And last but not least - mosaico. It's abstract, it's vector, it's
>> simple, it perhaps has the most potential of these three, but still
>> needs a hell lot of work. The perspective approach is an interesting
>> take, I think perhaps it would be even better if we combined this with
>> the underwater mosaic. Create a simple mosaic in this style, but with
>> perspective, not as tiles -- it would be nice if it created some nice
>> picture, e.g. the four foundations, or just one of the foundations per
>> picture and it could circle between the four versions -- and add the
>> underwater effect.
> I wonder if we could vectorize the underwater mosaic, eg., take the
> tiles María created, lay them out in a similar pattern to the underwater
> photo manip, and tilt the perspective to be similar as well.
> I agree with all your points about the underwater mosaic. It needs a LOT
> of work and has an unwieldy filesize. And of course, it is bitmap, which
> makes it harder to work with. GeroldKa had one great idea for this
> wallpaper though, that I think is a strong point that maybe we could use
> if we vectorized it - you could do a time-of-day wallpaper of it by
> changing the intensity and maybe even the color of the glow coming out
> of the tiles.
> ~m
> [1]
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tsunami_by_hokusai_19th_century.jpg
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