[Design-team] [F12 Artwork] Final Wallpaper Concept

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Thu Aug 6 18:10:43 UTC 2009

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 12:51 PM, Jayme Ayres<jayme at jaymeayres.com> wrote:
> Okay then, given the discussions surrounding the proposal, I believe
> that this proposal is best remembered as the discussion is very
> massive in metaphors too subjective.
> When did the proposal, not thought in a discussion to address many
> issues, such as referring the "Great Waves ... ' of Kanagawa or even
> religious issues that I read here on the list. I based the name and
> made an explicit reference to the code, pasting other elements (such
> as the engraving of Doré) to give an air of superiority to the statue
> and a texture of concrete to harmonize the art.
> Different from when I proposed an art involving the Tower of
> Constantine that was mentioned subjectively applied with some effects
> which referred the technology.

The sense of calm amid turbulence that I get from the statue I think
is that air of superiority you intended.

> I know that there is no common consensus in the use of the Statue of
> art, perhaps, because I do not follow the original idea was to do
> something with the theme "mosaic", using a collage of photos may look
> a little "démodé" but for me is I can work and provide, as I have the
> gift of making illustrations.
> The arguments that I have to use this art are little because I am
> thinking more artistically than functionally, and even think that
> artistically I said here that "art is subjective and is easy to
> conceptualize a work of art or art done for a distribution.
> These are my thoughts and I believe that the decision taken by this
> team will be better for everyone.

Jayme, I think you succeeded in what you set out to do. I almost
mentioned that when I feel like staring at it and pondering deeper
ideas that it brings out from my thoughts and feelings that it is very
like when I do the same with, say, something like Lady of Shallot by
Waterhouse. But yours works much better as a daily background as it
has colors and textures that don't distract one from working when one
needs to work. But it also allows for something more deep to be
experienced as art should.

Regardless of how things turn out with the default background, you
have created a really beautiful background and I hope you know and get
satisfaction from our appreciation for it.


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