[Design-team] [Echo Perspective] Presentation and user-desktop

Kris Thomsen lakristho at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 21:33:32 UTC 2009

Hi Design-team, Echo Perspective artists!

My name is Kris Thomsen, I'm 18 years old and from a little country in
Northern Europe called Denmark. I have used Linux since 2005 and this year I
started to contribute to Fedora - as it is my favorite. I'm the Danish
translation maintainer, but now I am almost finished all the translations
for Fedora 12 and want another little side-project to contribute to. I have
chosed Echo Perspective, as I really liked the first icons Martin S. made.

I am new in this area (art, icons and Inkscape) and have worked on the
user-desktop icon today and I am now confident enough to show it to you ;-)


Please come with comments on this icon - I hope you like it.

Kind Regards
-- Kris Thomsen
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