[Design-team] About the Fedora Art Studio Spin

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Tue Aug 11 06:52:51 UTC 2009

On 08/11/2009 09:07 AM, Kushal Das wrote:
> Hi,

Hi and thanks for starting the ball rolling on this!

> The list of packages still exists, [1], though it needs to be updated.
> I started working on the spin , the initial size is around 1000MB,
> still all fonts need to be put in.

I don't think the size of a CD is a realistic target, so we have to go 
for something bigger, and target DVDs/USB drives.
A 1000MB worth of data and some more hundreds of live persistence in the 
case of USB drives... maybe we should thing about a total of 2GB? A 
design spin is intended for advanced users, probably we don't have to 
think about people with hardware on the lower end?

> I need help on verifying the fonts list and adding the missing names to it.

I am thinking it may be a good idea to rethink the approach for this 
spin: in the proposed package manifest (which is old and in need of a 
refresh anyway) we crammed all the art related application we could 
think of.
Maybe is better to start small and go with baby steps? Like at first 
define a list of "must have" killer applications (like gimp, inkscape, 
scribus, pitivi, audacity) and just add them on top of the desktop spin. 
There is absolute mess in the "Other Packages to look at" section.

As for a comprehensive list of fonts, we can start with:

yum search font

> Also having a customized generic-logos package should be used as this
> is * the design team* :)

I am pretty much against doing something like http://ubuntustudio.org/. 
We are doing a Fedora spin and I think it must look and feel like any 
Fedora: the same artwork and as much as possible the same defaults 
(however, I think some defaults on the Desktop spin we will use as a 
base are wrong and the install DVD has a better set of defaults to follow).

> [1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/ArtTeamProjects/FedoraArtStudio/PackageManifest

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