[Design-team] Fedora Linux Day - Santiago, Chile

Jonathan Barrios jonisk8.77 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 01:20:58 UTC 2009


A linux's community from Chili, Universidad Central de Chile
are working for a Linux Day, getting people to explain some work of Fedora
Project, Open Source and Free Software some like the pass event in Brazil
with Lula Da Silva.

The information will be in the web site comming soon. BUT! we need some help
with art, because we dont have yet the logo for this event, then I think
here I can get some help to make the logo for Fedora Linux Day - Chile and
one poster to promotion this event.

Can I get help with someone here?

Thank u so muuuch!

Jonathan Barrios Montero.
UCENTUX / Comunidad Linux Universidad Central de Chile.
[Celular] +56-9-692 32 21
[Laboratorio] +56-2-582 69 31
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