[Design-team] updated wiki banner

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Wed Dec 2 15:04:58 UTC 2009

On 12/02/2009 04:39 PM, Martin Sourada wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-12-02 at 16:29 +0200, Nicu Buculei wrote:
>> Speaking today with Kaio on IRC I understood we were giving a bad
>> example with our own banner using a bad logo, a bad complementary font
>> and an old name for the team (...well, it was old, made before we had
>> logo usage guidelines) so I updated it:
>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Artwork_ArtTeamProjects_WikiDesign_ArtTeamN1.png
>> The source is at (the preview is a bit odd due to imperfect SVG
>> rendering by MediaWiki):
>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Artwork_ArtTeamProjects_WikiDesign_ArtTeamN1.svg
>> (be sure you force a refresh and not see an old version for your
>> browser's cache, the image was updated in place)
> Hrm, while we're at it, it might make sense to also update the image
> from bluecurve look to something more modern (tango/oxygen/echo).

The font was easy to change, since all I hat to do was to follow the 
logo usage guidelines... with the icons I sense a great debate about 
that is the default, what should be and what set us apart.

Since the source is up in the wiki, please try various icons (but 
probably don't apply the change live until we get to a consensus).

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