[Design-team] [OT] GIMP becoming too profi and thus will be excluded from Ubuntu distro

Caius 'kaio' Chance k at kaio.me
Thu Dec 3 15:18:17 UTC 2009

(2009年12月04日 00:29), Paul W. Frields wrote:
> The GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, and other art and design applications in
> Linux are superb.  There's no doubt about that -- they're very useful
> for people who know, or want to know, how to create great art.  But
> they also have learning curves that far exceed the patience of an
> average desktop productivity user.  (I speak as a person who's not
> much of an artist, and able to do only minimal tasks in any of these
> apps.)  So there's nothing wrong with moving those apps out of a
> system that's designed for a user like me.  I can always get them
> later if I want them.
Hi Paul and people,

I am using Inkscape to create banner for Fedora Chinese User Group forum :)


Would there be any substitutions for those in new spin? I worried when 
there are still communities where located in low-bandwidth regions, or 
should they have to decide which spin to be installed from the beginning 


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