[Design-team] Fedora Community navigation rethinking

Máirín Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Fri Dec 11 04:18:06 UTC 2009

So the Fedora Community navigation is going to need some rethinking. I
haven't yet written up the usability test results but there was
definitely a lot of confusion shown through the tests - and we weren't
really 100% happy with it to start:

- The left nav tabs take up precious screen real estate, yet they are
top-level global nav and thus are not used as often as other navigation.

- It seemed the majority of users in the usability tests did not even
note the tabs going across the top.

- Many users in the tests also did not realize the right sidebar
secondary nav (1) was even there (2) if they saw it, they didn't think
it was related to the center content (eg nav for package details)

At FUDcon in Toronto this past weekend I showed the navigation to Diana
and we had a discussion about it, and she showed me some UI she has
worked on that I think is a great inspiration for making the Fedora
Community navigation a whole lot better to work with.

On the FUDbus back home I started trying some of her ideas -on the left,
the nav bar could slideback and slide out on demand, and I tried making
the right navbar look more 'navigation-y' rather than like it is little
ads or something not relevant to the content.

I've attached my inkscape mocks (I can't uplaod them to the wiki at the
moment because of the outage) - what do you think? (WARNING: these are
way rough and were done on a bus ;-) )

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