[Design-team] Design Team Planet (need your quick help!)

Máirín Duffy mairin at linuxgrrl.com
Wed Jul 1 15:17:47 UTC 2009


We need to put together a .planet file so Seth can create a planet just
for our team [1]. I need your help, though:

- If you think you should/shouldn't be on this list can you let me know?
- If your hackergotchi URL is missing (I could only grab the ones on
planet fpo right now) can you fill it in?

Here is what I have so far, in alpha order by last name:

name = Michael Beckwith
face =

name = Nicu Buculei
face = http://nicubunu.ro/gfx/nknight.png

name = Máirín Duffy
face = http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/mo.png

name = Paul Frields
face =

name = María Leandro
face = http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/tatica-hackergotchi.png

name = Ryan Lerch
face =

name = Clint Savage
face =

name = Martin Sourada
face =

name = Luya Tshimbalanga
face =

name = Ian Weller
face = 


[1] https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1052#comment:2

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