[Design-team] Design Team Planet (need your quick help!)

wonderer wonderer4711 at gmx.de
Wed Jul 1 17:06:33 UTC 2009

Máirín Duffy schrieb:
> Hi,
> We need to put together a .planet file so Seth can create a planet just
> for our team [1]. I need your help, though:
> - If you think you should/shouldn't be on this list can you let me know?
Hmm, maybe I should be in?!

name = Henrik Heigl
face =

Sorry, no hackergotchi, because I'm to often behind the camera and at
LinuxTag/FUDCon Berlin noone took a picture of me :-(

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
Henrik Heigl - wonderer at fedoraproject.org

PGP/GnuPG: 8237 D432 0616 D567 DBC6  3FE3 0D52 B374 F468 A5F0

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