[Design-team] Education Tests

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Mon Jul 6 08:13:43 UTC 2009

On 07/05/2009 09:21 PM, María Leandro wrote:
> Hello.
> last week I was doing some tests for the education sig; and I'll be
> glad if I receive some feed back.
> so, here we go with all the links:
> ========== Education ================
> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/EduSig/education-4.png
> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/EduSig/education-4f.png
> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/EduSig/education-4f1.png
> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/EduSig/education-4f2.png

I like better the next two, due to their simplicity, the other look (to 
me) somewhat busy

> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/EduSig/education-4f3.png
> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/EduSig/education-4f4.png

I said you on IRC, for the last one I think snowy the mountains at the 
bottom (I guess they are snowy mountains) look to unrealistic, but not 
unrealistic in a good, cartoon, way:

> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/EduSig/education-sky.png
> Jayme Ayres test =>  http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/EduSig/education-4f-jayme.png
> Logo test:
> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/EduSig/logo-blue.png
> http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/EduSig/logo-white.png

Is not this a good case for using the "remix" logo? 

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