[Design-team] A small icon request

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail at home.se
Wed Jul 22 09:41:28 UTC 2009

On 07/21/2009 06:20 AM, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> With Gnome 2.28 in F12, it will be possible to have different icons for
> the xdg dirs:
> Documents: folder-documents
> Download: folder-download
> Music: folder-music
> Pictures: folder-pictures
> Public: folder-publicshare
> Templates: folder-templates
> Videos: folder-videos
> It would be pretty cool if we could create icons for this in a style
> that matches the existing user-home icon in our default icon theme (ie
> the folder icon with an overlayed embled in the Mist theme).
It seems like Lapo Calamandrei wanted to take care of this and create 
some 256x256 icons in the process. Hopefully this will land in 
gnome-themes soonish (and in good time for 2.28/F12).
- Andreas

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