[Design-team] Hi again... I'm still trying...

mairin at linuxgrrl.com mairin at linuxgrrl.com
Thu Jul 23 23:15:16 UTC 2009

Hi Manuel,

> I really wanna learn and grow with the fedora design team. You apologize
> to
> me, because I seem critical of my words.  In fact, I don't know you, for
> that reason it is impossible that I have anything against you.
> I´m gonna take a course about Corel Draw X4, and more ahead in the time, I
> wait to know more and more to the design....

This is great news. One suggestion though :) Try using Inkscape! It's open
source and it's one of the tools most of us use. There's a lot of good
tutorials for it online. Let me know if you'd like links.


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