[Design-team] Proposal for wallpaper to Constantine

Jayme Ayres jayme at jaymeayres.com
Fri Jul 24 19:40:22 UTC 2009

2009/7/24 Máirín Duffy <mairin at linuxgrrl.com>:
> Hi Jayme!
> These are very nice works - I've some quick feedback below:

Thanks Mo

> - I think maybe the walled obelisk is a bit obscure a reference that
> most users won't understand unless they dig for the info
> - What are the laser beams / light rays? What are they meant to
> symbolize? Why is one blue, one orange? I almost feel the composition
> would be stronger without them... they seem a different kind of style
> (smooth bright) than the rest of the image (faded, gritty, worn) and it
> kind of clashes doesn't it?

My proposal was simply mix some styles of design, make a proposal
referring to surrealism (with classic art desing or photography)
Maybe in the design the answers like "why" or "what" is important to
conceptualize a design, as it is proposed that, form and function. But
what I proposed was an art, and art is subjective, as everyone knows,
the idea of the artist is to produce a reaction in people who are
seeing their work (feelings of repulsion, surprise, love, peace,
chaos, etc), this may be the concept of art, no function but refer to
the idea of the name.
Today there are many designers [1] on Intentet by doing this kind of
mix, I thought it would be proposing something of that kind. Maybe I
was not happy in the choice.
The effects of light are effects that technology (lines) sender and
metaphorically up the concept of features as well as the bubbles in
the lines around it.


> - I love the little light balls swirling around the obelisk - it's
> simply a very pretty effect - but again I am not sure it works with the
> rest of the composition the way it stands now. I'd love to see a
> wallpaper with these light balls in it though.
> - I really like how you've brought a warm color, purple, into the
> wallpaper. We usually have blue which is very cold, purple being an
> analogous color is something we've tried to work in before, I would like
> to see it happen sometime.

This is the proposal, the break in a soft blue.

>> http://jaymeayres.fedorapeople.org/f12/fedora-wall-jayme-II.jpg
> - I have the same concern here about the clash between the classical /
> gritty / faded / photorealistic artwork & the very vector-like, bright,
> and smooth light beams.
> - why are the beams blue? why are they surrounding the gate?
> One thing that concerns me about both wallpapers as well as they have a
> similar texture/grittiness to them as the Fedora 11 wallpaper. So I
> would worry maybe perhaps folks would think it is too close to what we
> have for F11.
> In general I think the method of taking a photo of an object affiliated
> with the theme codename, especially if it's an obscure connection, and
> building a wallpaper around that is too literal a way to interpret the
> theme. I think it's better to think about more abstract ideas and themes
> that come from a bit of deeper background on the codename (like we had
> talked before about some thematic ideas to build a visual interpretation
> of:
> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/design-team/2009-June/000299.html)
> Because of this, I'm not sure how to suggest a path forward for these
> works. :-/ Perhaps take a more thematic idea around constantine and
> apply some of the light beam / glow balls towards an interpretation of
> it?
> Overall, these are beautifully rendered works! I just worry about the
> concept and the message (or lack thereof) they would send to users.
> ~m

Well, this is my proposal, I put the sources for all to study and modify.

Jayme Ayres

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