[Design-team] Self-introduction: Mel Chua

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Fri Jul 24 22:16:24 UTC 2009

Hi! I'm Mel Chua (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Mchua). I'm new to 
the Design team, though I hang out in Marketing and Websites and am 
generally watching and learning in a lot of places.

I studied engineering (electrical, so the FEL redesign ticket was an 
"ooh, shiny" one for me) and am, in general, obsessed with education. 
I'm currently a Community Architecture intern at Red Hat; open-source 
communities are awesome. I actually originally planned on studying art 
and graphic design in college, but my parents said no, so I took up 
engineering instead and crammed design classes into my schedule. Being 
at an engineering school, these classes were more product design and 
ethnography than anything that would actually improve my 
art/color/layout skills, so while I have (for instance) some 
interviewing mojo, my actual "making things" abilities are not so great. 
After seeing Mo transform my POSSE logo sketch (documented on 
http://blog.melchua.com/2009/07/11/the-posse-logo-progression/) into a 
thing of Awesomeness, I went "...oh wow, I want to learn to do that!"

And so I'm here. I probably won't have a ton of bandwidth to do 100% 
Design Stuff - maybe a few things in conjunction with Marketing, or 
Websites, since I'm working on those anyway - but at the least I'll 
watch and learn, and if I'm able to help out, I shall. I am particularly 
curious about...

* the design process (how do you tell whether a design is "good"? I 
don't know how to frame this question properly.)
* colors. Because I can't figure out how to develop an eye for color, no 
matter what I try.
* paper prototyping and other quick-and-dirty mockup techniques for user 

I tried taking my first ticket as per the join instructions, which was a 
hackergotchi (really, really small project). I wasn't sure whether you 
had to wait for approval for the list before commenting on the ticket, 
so I erred in the "release early release often" direction since this was 
a tiny, tiny ticket... let me know if I should do anything different 
next time.



PS: I have been reading the archives and looking through old tickets and 
I am in awe. You folks have mad, mad skillz.

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