[Design-team] Proposal for wallpaper to Constantine

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Tue Jul 28 14:44:47 UTC 2009

On 07/28/2009 05:14 PM, Samuele Storari wrote:
> This is another idea I'm workin' on.
> 4 Horses of 4 F Theme
> I think about horses 'cause in roman time they were so diffused and not
> only a transport, but as a sign of power for the nobilities.
> Like a lot of leader statues riding an horse in many squares.
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/sstorari/3765877908/

For this one i like the blue but some of the horse postures seems to me 
a bit odd. Also, i find the sharpness of the curved lines somewhat unfit 
and the addition of a lens flare effect to much over the top.

> http://www.flickr.com/photos/sstorari/3765878880/

The drawing is brilliant (i remember some older horse drawing made by 
you, making me thing this is one of your favorite subjects) making me 
curious about the direction you intend to turn them to.

> These are only sketches to show my idea and have some feedback, take a look

I think you have an interesting start here.

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