[Design-team] fedora logo modification for stainless steel plate laser

Simon Wesp cassmodiah at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jul 28 21:21:04 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I'm definitly not a designer like you guys. I'm a technician.
I love the fedora logo and I thought i can laser the logo on little stainless
steel plates.
WNr. 1.4301 (X5CrNi18-10), AISI 304 (V2A)
material thickness between 5 and 15 mm
extra fine polished, for a noble look

I tried to import an svg. the problem is that this wouldn't be conform to my
metal laser machine (and other major laser-machines which is used in this
industry sector). i can import it, but i will miss my 0-polyline and i can't
define one or import one from svg.
my laser will cut a square in the size i resized the logo.
another problem is that there is no seperation of "f" and "8" so the middle
plates of 8 will fall out and i have 3 pieces (2 middleplates and the

So I had to design my own from scratch, because I have a these problems with
the original logo.

This is my first try and I draw it in less than 5 minutes.
fedora has (principally) a very easy logo
The center of the logo is the center of the "f-cross"

 - outer circle
  o radius 125mm
  o radius on the round edge 25mm

 - inner circles f/8
  o inner radius 35mm
  o outer radius 50mm
  o flat cutting is 15mm * 
  o radius on round edges are 5mm/each (of course)

 - the seperation (f/8)
  o radius 7.5mm
  0 distance between circle centers are 15mm *

* I selected 15mm for the minimum distance of all laser-cuts, because it would
  be more exact. the distance between the cuts should't be less than the
  material thickness. btw this would make the plate logo more stable. (it can
  be fallen down or you can try to press the inner-plates out with your
  fingers, you will fail... :)

My only problem is:
You can recognize: "this is the fedora-logo."
but it hasn't the same aspect ratio and the strong separation (to keep the
middle in it).
I'm sure I would tresspass against the guidelines, if I will laser this
on a stainless steel plate :-( , or not? 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus dem schönen Hainzell
Simon Wesp

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