[Design-team] Feedback for backgrounds

Steven Moix steven.moix at axianet.ch
Thu Jul 30 07:22:08 UTC 2009


On 07/30/2009 08:20 AM, Nicu Buculei wrote:

>> * Nicu/Mo's Underwater mosaic designs are the most generic (in a good
>> sense) and best design ideas IMO. They fit an oriental theme, they fit
>> the Fedora colours and are not too overloaded.
> I was amazed about how Mo modified the photos to an impressive result.
> However, I found the result a bit too blurry and wondered if this is
> because I resized the photos (reduced with and height in half so they
> don't take too much space on the web hosting and can be downloaded
> reasonably, while still having a large resolution).
> Then I had to study the GIMP source to find which photos were used
> exactly (wow! intense photomanip there Mo, hats off!). If really big
> (12MP) photos are needed, I have them available.

Yes, it's way too blurry right now. I prefer the first versions if you 
look at the wiki history. One other thing that bothers me with this 
image: it looks like 2 mosaic pictures have been used, but they don't 
have the same "angle", they are not on the same "surface". This disturbs 
my brain somehow.


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