[Design-team] F12 names and themeability

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Tue Jun 2 13:57:35 UTC 2009

On 06/02/2009 03:24 PM, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> Hi Design Team.

Hi, mighty leader!

> Before I send the list on to Legal, I would like the Design team to
> look at these names and give me some indication of their themeability.

After a quick read of the list, I don't see anything as unthemeable as 
"sulphur", so any of the choices are acceptable IMO.

> I think the easiest way to accomplish this is for anyone participating
> in the Design team to indicate whether they think a name *can* be
> themed, either with "+1" and/or an idea for how to do it.  If there
> are any names for which no one indicates themeability, I will consider
> leaving those off the list for final review by Legal.

I don't this is the case

> Josh Boyer, the Board, and I are performing this process early --
> before Fedora 11 is even released! -- because the Design Team has
> asked for that repeatedly.  Therefore the sooner you can get me your
> input, the sooner I can send these on to Legal, and set up a community
> voting process for the actual F12 name.  I would really like it if I
> can get people's input in the next 24-48 hours!
> The list:

I will take them one by one and emit some quick ideas:

> Quetzalcoatl

It may be inspired by an asteroid, but I would be tempted to challenge 
the cultural taboos and use some pre-Columbian imagery (dragon serpents, 

> Constantine

Byzantine... 'nuff said :D
> Hubble

Stars, galaxies, we can just stole the wallpaper from the Astronomy spin

> Umbria

I am pretty sure our Italian friends can come with a lot of ideas about 
this (I don't think we will feature Star Trek ships).

> Hippokoon

I am no big fan of this, going with (less known[1]) Spartan kings will 
be pretty much repeating some motifs tried for F11, but is doable.

[1] even all wikipedia has to say about it is a stub: 

> Heisenberg

Paul gave already an idea here

> Goliath

Power, might, crushing everything around. But is it a good idea? 
Ultimately Goliath was a loser, defeated by David.

> Rugosa

I think it may be interesting to have a floral theme, with roses and 
stuff. We can claim the girls temporarily overpowered the geeks at Fedora.

> Adamastor

I have the same concern as for Hippokoon

> Orville

It may be interesting to have a graphic theme about music and shout 
"Fedora 12 rocks!"

> Chilon

Good thing we can shift from Ancient Greek heroes to Swiss castles, I 
would try touse this in a theme.

> Wallace

We can try something dark, Sin City style or some Scottish references.

> Elvis

To go with "music" would be to obvious, we can try something like "is 
not dead!"

> Cimrman

The Czech character is, IMHO, a bit obscure for an international 
audience so we may have to go here with the astronomy thing.

> Alexander

I would liked more to have in the suggestion list some references for 
secondary meanings, we know is a common name, was a Greek king... 
something else to try than the same old Greek theme.

> Stradivari

Music, classic, fine art.

Those are some ideas I got "on the spot", with some thinking I am sure 
we can find some more, so any choice is doable (but I would not be happy 
with repeating an "Ancient Greece" theme).

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