[Design-team] F12 names and themeability

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 13:58:40 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-06-02 at 08:24 -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> Hi Design Team.
> As you're probably aware we are working early on the F12 naming
> process, to provide the Fedora Design team plenty of time for theming
> the next release, as requested.  The community submitted names to the
> wiki page, and then the Board did a vote on the community names that
> passed the initial review process.  The top names will be sent to
> Legal for final approval and then turned into a ballot on which the
> whole community will vote.  Therefore, the top name on the Board's
> list may not end up winning the final vote.  I'm only going to list
> the top 16 or so names here to make things easier for this team -- the
> idea is that I will send about 12 names to Legal, and hope for at
> least 8 back that pass legal review.
> I would ask that people remember that themes can be very broad and
> simply "inspired" by a name.  For example, "Heisenberg" is the name of
> a scientist who postulated the Uncertainty Principle (that measuring
> certain subatomic events actually changed the nature of those
> events).  So that name lends itself to things like atoms/molecules, or
> other interconnectedness that could represent community, and building
> structure from small things.
> Before I send the list on to Legal, I would like the Design team to
> look at these names and give me some indication of their themeability.
> I think the easiest way to accomplish this is for anyone participating
> in the Design team to indicate whether they think a name *can* be
> themed, either with "+1" and/or an idea for how to do it.  If there
> are any names for which no one indicates themeability, I will consider
> leaving those off the list for final review by Legal.
> Josh Boyer, the Board, and I are performing this process early --
> before Fedora 11 is even released! -- because the Design Team has
> asked for that repeatedly.  Therefore the sooner you can get me your
> input, the sooner I can send these on to Legal, and set up a community
> voting process for the actual F12 name.  I would really like it if I
> can get people's input in the next 24-48 hours!
> The list:
> Quetzalcoatl 
+1 should be probably possible to do some simplified or abstract-ized
version of this deity.

> Constantine
unsure. I can imagine connection to Constantinople but I don't have in
mind any concrete idea that would work good as default wallpaper

> Hubble
+1 either stylised satellites or deep-space like view should be

> Umbria
not sure what this is, wikipedia says it's in Italy, so we could maybe
go with some landscape images, but seeing how we failed with that for

> Hippokoon

> Heisenberg

> Goliath
> Rugosa
> Adamastor
> Orville
> Chilon
> Wallace
> Elvis
> Cimrman
> Alexander
> Stradivari
These are all names of (imaginary) people, it seems... For Cimrman you
can go with probably anything (since he invented everything...) also it
appeals to me because I am Czech... Stradivari would be probably nice
for taking some parts of violins and building the themes around it,
similar for Elvis (though with guitar or just music in general). Not
sure about the rest... Maybe others would have some ideas on these.


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