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On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 2:24 PM, Paul W. Frields <stickster at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Design Team.
> As you're probably aware we are working early on the F12 naming
> process, to provide the Fedora Design team plenty of time for theming
> the next release, as requested.  The community submitted names to the
> wiki page, and then the Board did a vote on the community names that
> passed the initial review process.  The top names will be sent to
> Legal for final approval and then turned into a ballot on which the
> whole community will vote.  Therefore, the top name on the Board's
> list may not end up winning the final vote.  I'm only going to list
> the top 16 or so names here to make things easier for this team -- the
> idea is that I will send about 12 names to Legal, and hope for at
> least 8 back that pass legal review.
> I would ask that people remember that themes can be very broad and
> simply "inspired" by a name.  For example, "Heisenberg" is the name of
> a scientist who postulated the Uncertainty Principle (that measuring
> certain subatomic events actually changed the nature of those
> events).  So that name lends itself to things like atoms/molecules, or
> other interconnectedness that could represent community, and building
> structure from small things.
> Before I send the list on to Legal, I would like the Design team to
> look at these names and give me some indication of their themeability.
> I think the easiest way to accomplish this is for anyone participating
> in the Design team to indicate whether they think a name *can* be
> themed, either with "+1" and/or an idea for how to do it.  If there
> are any names for which no one indicates themeability, I will consider
> leaving those off the list for final review by Legal.
> Josh Boyer, the Board, and I are performing this process early --
> before Fedora 11 is even released! -- because the Design Team has
> asked for that repeatedly.  Therefore the sooner you can get me your
> input, the sooner I can send these on to Legal, and set up a community
> voting process for the actual F12 name.  I would really like it if I
> can get people's input in the next 24-48 hours!
> The list:
> Quetzalcoatl

-1: hard to pronounce, remember and write about.

> Constantine

+1: good for combining worlds and bridging the gaps

> Hubble

+1: could be an interesting concept but what association do we have with

> Hippokoon

-1: to much the same as Leonidas but still a weaker representation of the
same thing. Chilon has the same problem

> Heisenberg

-1: too close to the FC3 release name Heidelberg

> Goliath

-1: not a winning character. David would be more appropriate and more of a
theme like Leonidas!

> Adamastor

+1: has good association but a bit obscure...

> Wallace

+1: wallace has the same theme as leonidas, fighting against a bigger enemy
by combining a scattered group. the basic idea of open source...

> Elvis

-1 music names could be good but the king is dead and not in a good way. we
could get wrong association.

> Cimrman

-1: too obscure!

> Alexander

+1: a lot of options we can exploit

> Stradivari

+1: music association to perfection and high quality.

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