[Design-team] feedback from EMEA media production company

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Wed Jun 3 13:31:40 UTC 2009

Hi design-team,

I've got some feedback from our Fedora media producer in Munich 
regarding the F11 disk art, that I wanted to pass along.

These guys are working on getting the artwork all settled now, so that 
we can hand them final bits and hopefully have finished product in time 
for FUDCon Berlin.

Here's the feedback, verbatim:

(1) The artwork is too big.  This leaves too possibilities:

a) they adapt the artwork to the standard case they use, and therefore 
cut off a part of the design, which would turn up like in the file 

b) you ask the Fedora team to reduce the measures and use the 
specifications attached

(2) All files related to the CD/DVD case contain transparencies and this 
could bring some problems by printing out the files. Therefore it would 
be great if the Fedora team could re-create X3 PDFs, that don´t contain 
transparencies. Otherwise the agency can try to rewrite the pdfs but 
there´s no warranty about the result.

(3) In the file "F11-livemedia-gnome-sleeve.pdf" there´s a no-embedded 
font ("MgOpenModata-Oblique"). If we want to use this font they need 
make a new pdf and embed it.

(4) In the labels is indicated a missing font ("Lohit-Oriya"). If we 
really want to use this font we also need new files with the font 
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