[Design-team] a FUDCon Request

Gerold Kassube geroldka at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jun 9 08:50:28 UTC 2009

> On Mon, 8 Jun 2009, Máirín Duffy wrote:
>>> printable area: 1000 x 2350 mm + 5 mm surround cutting visible area:
>>> 1000 x 2260 mm
>>> We're making 5 of these for FUDCon Berlin, LinuxTag, and for future
>>> usage everywhere.
>>> 1 for each of our Foundations
>>> 1 of the Fedora logo
>>> Gerold tells me that he has everything he needs for the 4
>>> foundations, but that what we are lacking is the appropriate logo
>>> graphic in a vectorable format.
>> I'm not sure what this last sentence means:
>> - Do you need designs for each of the four foundations and a design
>> for the Fedora logo?
>> - Do you not need banner designs but only vector artwork of the Fedora
>> logo?
>> - Do you not need banner designs for the four foundations, but need
>> one for the logo? (if this is the case I'd like to see one of the four
>> foundations files to make sure the logo one follows the same
>> format/style/etc)
>> I'm happy to help, but right now it's unclear to me what is needed.
> My understanding is that we need the second -- which probably already
> exists, and we just aren't sure where.  My understanding is that the
> entire banner is just going to be white, with the biggest proportional
> Fedora logo we can put on it.
> Gerold, is that right?
and the question (for me) is, Max will answers this: should we put the
"www.fedoraproject.org" below the Logo himself or above or leave it
totally away ..



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