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Martin Sourada martin.sourada at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 15:09:45 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-06-17 at 09:18 +0300, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> We should decide here about the way to go: like F11, trying to get a 
> concept/metaphor and everybody working toward it or like F8-F10 with an 
> open "competition".
> I think neither of those worked very well...
Well, in my humble opinion the process worked best for selecting and
finishing the infinity theme, but got somehow broken later... the new
one isn't in my opinion working very good as well :-/ 

First of all we need to make clear it's not competition, but we still
need more than one designs and especially those from Samuele, which tend
to be awesome and got used for the past two releases. But we need them
early in the process. I'd also try again some abstract theme (connected
to the release name though) ;-)

I think we could try something midway. With the release name we'll have
the base with which to work, but we'll work on more concepts - Round 1.
We'll select the best ones for inclusion in Alpha and work towards
having "example" wallpapers finished. The final one would be perhaps
decided a week or two after releasing Alpha. That would finish Round 2.
And we'll all work on that one to have it done for release - which would
be Round 3. But again, we need to make sure it's an open cooperation
rather than an open competition to encourage people on working on more
concepts than just their own ;-)

> According to the schedule, we have Alpha freeze on 2009-08-04 and Alpha 
> release on 2009-08-18.
> Maybe we should set a date before the Alpha freeze (a number of weeks 
> after the release name announcement) as a deadline for *concept* 
> submission, so we have the time for a selection before the freeze?
Sounds like a good idea (especially considering many people submitting
their works just before the deadline or even after that...).

So considering the name will be announced next week at FUDCon and that
the alpha freeze is 2009-08-04, perhaps 2009-07-26 would be a reasonable
date - that way we'll have more than month for brainstorming and more
than week to get the initial wallpaper(s) in.

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