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On 06/17/2009 08:39 PM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> I wonder if we could take an approach instead of creating the base image
> from scratch this time, to go out and search the best of openly-licensed
> content and try to provide a thematic selection? That way there is much

And have no default? What we will do, run a wizard at the first login so 
the user can chose his theme?

> less pressure on us I think.... because the creative process is not
> always so consistent in terms of time/effort involved, if we make a
> selection of things already available perhaps we can deliver on a more
> predictable schedule? (and get some publicity/exposure to artists who
> aren't already on the team but already 'get' open licensing - maybe it
> will help us convince them to join our effort :) )

Honestly, I am not a big fan of this approach, is like us dropping the 
ball and acknowledging we are not able to create ourselves something 
good enough.


I hope we will not stop create, and, I think we may work again in the contest mode, I know we have some trouble last time, but the positive side was there were a lot of themes presented and not only one, I think the monotheme process was a big fail; in my opinion a lot of designer don't see the opportunity to express themselves so they didn't partecipate in the community work... me first ;) making it a work of few, when we can have a work of a lot :D

> The theme that unifies the selected images could be derived from the
> codename. It would be great to have a whole cohesive set of images for
> users to choose from too instead of just one like we've always done.

Let's see the codename, but I am skeptical we will be able to find 
enough quality, Free images for an entire set with different personas.

> This would still involve some effort from us too, to convert/crop photos
> to the ratios we support and whatnot.
> We could have a competitive element to determine which one of the
> selections is the wallpaper by default?
> It might be cool too, to work up a list of personas, each of which we
> should try to aim a wallpaper at. For example, the Windows XP base set
> of wallpapers has the flower and the pink wallpaper for girls...

I hope we will do something with wallpaper extras for F12.

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