[Design-team] Sharing brand with upstream [Was: Building Brand Together]

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Thu Jun 18 10:48:20 UTC 2009

On Thursday 18 June 2009 11:34:05 Nicu Buculei wrote:
> On 06/18/2009 11:30 AM, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
> > Actual proposal from them sounds like:
> > We have selected our codename for future Fedora release and our design
> > team prepare artwork (or mockups, depends on time), upstream joins this
> > effort and they combine our theme with their current theme (so now it's
> > Leonidas and Air = Airy Leonidas :D) to match together.
> <sarcastic>This is a good thing, we can give an initial concept and
> forget about theming, leave the KDE guys to the job so we can play with
> our personal pet projects: picture books, comics, games and so on. And
> we won't have to pay a dime for that, someone will put many hours in
> doing this work and at a high quality level.</sarcasm>

Sorry, maybe I wasn't absolutely right in my description of situation ;-) But 
for comics - it was great! I miss it :D

> Sarcasm aside, consider the F11 case, when the graphics were changed,
> due to the received feedback, so late in the development cycle (Beta),
> can you see how that would cope with such joint effort? I think they
> would pretty much drop the ball, for not having enough time and manpower
> to react.
> Or the F10 case, when we were not able to reach a consensus and had tu
> just select a final theme *extremely* late in the devel cycle.

I know - I told them that our schedules are really tight :(

> > What does it mean for us?
> > Visually consistent and rich desktop environments with strong brand
> > feeling for both upstream and downstream.
> I am afraid it is more like each our spins to have its own visual identity.

I'm trying to make KDE fit the rest of Fedora (if time allows me - so in F11 we 
have different splash screen than Plymouth splash :( ). So I don't want make it 
absolutely different - only to match it with upstream KDE themes. As we don't 
have manpower to prepare our own theme. At least Fedora is mostly dark blue, 
KDE is blue either so it goes together now. For us (KDE SIG) every hand, every 
help is very appreciated.

> > What we have to/should do?
> > We need our artwork as soon as possible and after F11 process I think we
> > should reconsider design strategy. I know where the problem was, from
> > Mairín's comments in my blog post. We should do our best to avoid it for
> > future releases. Of course - it means lot of communication and you
> > know...
> As soon as possible: we don't have that much time from one point
> (codename) to the next (alpha release) and the supposedly final one (beta).

For beta we need final one, absolutely. And I understand - time is crucial...

> > Only for KDE and Fedora?
> > No, OpenSuse, (K)Ubuntu already accepted this offer, I'm not sure if
> > Gnome is planning anything similar. This is really in beginnings and
> > maybe some IRC meeting with all interested parties would be useful.
> AFAIK, neither GNOME, XFCE or LXDE have such plans.
> > I think it's a nice idea, sounds great (even I'm not Apple fan :D) and it
> > can be considered by other DE's teams (upstream/downstream) either. All
> > sides could gain profit from it. So what do you think about it?
> I think the solution is so much simpler and natural: if any upstream KDE
> designer is truly interested and concerned about Fedora, they can join
> this mailing list and get himself involved in the process from the
> earliest stages, right from the concept and help drive the design either
> with active development or with feedback.
> There are a number of upstream GNOME designers (hello andreasn!) here on
> list and on IRC intervening when hey feel is needed.

I think it's a best way to join mailing lists and sometimes check IRC channel, 
I've already said it to Pinheiro. This mail is mostly thought as knocking on 
the doors of you and other KDE SIG members ;-)

Thanks for your response (and time for comics) :D


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