[Design-team] Sharing brand with upstream [Was: Building Brand Together]

Máirín Duffy mairin at linuxgrrl.com
Thu Jun 18 11:45:08 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 10:30 +0200, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
> Hi all!
> I talked to KDE artwork guys (mostly Pinheiro as he's responsible for it) and 
> as result I think we (KDE SIG at least) should join this effort! Sounds great 
> for me.

>From what I understand (and please correct me if I am wrong) this is
highly dependent on the design team's effort and cooperation. It doesn't
seem like any of the designers on the design-team, however, really
agreed with this at all from the previous thread. I just re-read the
previous thread on this topic and I do not see any support from this
team's side.

The design team has enough time pressures on it wrt to theme as is. This
puts an additional, difficult burden on us to get the theme out even

If the Fedora KDE spin would like to branch off and take its own
approach to the artwork and not use the design team's artwork, then that
is a different conversation. If this involves additional effort on this
already overloaded and understaffed team, though, then I feel this is
not a good idea.

Besides this, there are some fundamental issues with the proposal:

- Are these themes going to match oxygen AND tango?
- How is the production of these themes going to line up with X distro's
release cycles? Who gets to be the one with the stale theme?
- How do you produce a set of artwork that doesn't clash with X distro's
individual branding styles??
- What kind of SLA does the KDE artist team assure us with this service?
- How much say does the Fedora design team get in the wallpaper design?>


[1] http://aseigo.blogspot.com/2009/06/building-brand-together.html

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