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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Fri Jun 19 06:42:47 UTC 2009

On 06/19/2009 05:12 AM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> I think I really like the requirement that the default be:
> - original
> - vector
> - abstract
> - theme-related

+1 from me, I am for such a default.

> And that we pick, let's say as originally proposed, 4 works from the
> creative commons / openly-licensed community that are related to the
> theme as well and have the following breakdown:
> - 2 general appeal / any age group
> - 1 appeal to children
> - 1 appeal to women

In my observation, people like to do wallpapers and arre quite attached 
to them. If we try to get people in our team to collaborate on one 
single design, in the and everyone will try his own.
Look also at the DesignService queue: we point newcomers there, and it 
seems like everybody and his dog tries a version of the Security Spin 
wallpaper. Because it is a wallpaper and they like doing that.

So I think we should channel this energy in our benefit: leave people 
design wallpapers and use those if they are good enough.

It can work like this: member of the team propose designs for this small 
thematic collection, be it their original work, adaptation or taken from 
an external Free source. Set a deadline and from this pool of proposals 
we select the four "personas" above.

I can see having something like this:
- one abstract, vector, theme-related as default;
- 4 additional specialised, also available by default;
- a larger "extras" package (but not very large) yummable from the 
repository and *maybe* also on the install DVD;
- a huge gallery with *everything* available online, where people can 
browse with Firefox and use it's "set image as desktop background" option.

> Good idea... and we should also make sure that when we figure out the
> process, we get some publicity around it:
> - process announced in Fedora Weekly news&  Fedora Forum
> - process announced on Planet fpo
> - each phase of the process announced in FWN&  on Planet FPO&  Fedora
> Forum
> - maybe some kind of podcast, www.fpo banner, some kinds of publicity
> that way to get people involved, similar to how Michael did the fpo
> banner to solicit picture book submission

I guess I am in charge about the FWN part (and all of us about the 
Planet) part. I try to cover each week the current status, but maybe it 
is not visible enough.
When we consider the plan ready and final, I propose we (I) talk with 
the editors and run a special feature.

For the podcast, we just have to get someone interviewing Mo :D

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