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Martin Sourada martin.sourada at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 09:31:35 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 22:12 -0400, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-06-19 at 00:31 +0200, Martin Sourada wrote:
> > My point is -- learn from the mistakes of past and but be also aware in
> > what we were good at. In all cases where we failed, we failed because we
> > had to redo the artwork anew late at the process. We should really avoid
> > this.
> This is a good point. Although I wonder how much you can really control
> a creative process. I think the thing that scared me the most about the
> late nights - I could spend hours and hours and hours and have to throw
> it away. There wasn't any guarantee after x hours there would even be
> anything usable.
Yeah, I also wonder if we are really able to control it. Perhaps the new
members joining the design team might help in achieving that goal. More
available people is always a good thing.

> > Yeah, we totally need people to actually do more than just submit
> > ideas...
> How do we encourage the follow through we need? :-/
That's a hard one... I really don't know how to encourage people to help
through the whole process... Publicising might help a bit, also working
on an abstract theme in inkscape also means more people should be able
to help.

> I think this is a good idea. Maybe for each piece of artwork that we
> need, that's in the schedule with a deadline, we open a trac bug in our
> new trac instance Paul had set up for us? That might work well.

> I think it's a combo of:
> - the creative process is hard to control, and it's hard to know how
> long something is going to take or what odd directions it might take
> - lack of people
> - outside of the team folks tend to be very critical of the artwork no
> matter what and it's demotivating.
> And I don't think there is so much we can do about the first and last.
Agreed :-/

> I think I really like the requirement that the default be:
> - original
> - vector
> - abstract
> - theme-related

> And that we pick, let's say as originally proposed, 4 works from the
> creative commons / openly-licensed community that are related to the
> theme as well and have the following breakdown:
> - 2 general appeal / any age group
> - 1 appeal to children
> - 1 appeal to women

> Is the above proposal slow enough? We're keeping the
> inspired-by-the-release-name theme, but clamping it down a bit more by
> requiring vector artwork and abstractness.
I think so.

> We could handle the 4 broader-community readymades as a separate
> project.
Sounds like good approach to me.

> >       * have a direct link to the current release artwork process from
> >         our front page
> Good idea... and we should also make sure that when we figure out the
> process, we get some publicity around it:
> - process announced in Fedora Weekly news & Fedora Forum

> - process announced on Planet fpo

> - each phase of the process announced in FWN & on Planet FPO & Fedora
> Forum

> - maybe some kind of podcast, www.fpo banner, some kinds of publicity
> that way to get people involved, similar to how Michael did the fpo
> banner to solicit picture book submission

That's and interesting idea. There's always place for banners on the fpo
front page and in our blogs ;-). Some sort of "Get Involved" directing
to our front page would perhaps help to get more people. Though we'd
need to combine it with a good design of our front page. I haven't
checked it lately, but the art team front page used to be pretty hard to

Maybe we should divide the page into Join Us! (with some teasers to
motivate people to join and link to the steps on how to join?) section
and Our Projects (release artwork, webpages design, wallpaper extras,
echo project, nodoka, design queue, ...) section? Plus perhaps a teaser
somewhere towards the begining of the page for the project that we focus
currently the most on (usually the release artwork). We totally need to
promote the design team better... Maybe the Marketing Team might help us
with it?

> ~m

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