[Design-team] Sharing brand with upstream [Was: Building Brand Together]

mairindubh at linuxgrrl.com mairindubh at linuxgrrl.com
Mon Jun 22 12:47:07 UTC 2009

> Máirín Duffy wrote:
>> The design team has enough time pressures on it wrt to theme as is. This
>> puts an additional, difficult burden on us to get the theme out even
>> sooner.
> You need to do that anyway. The systematic late tagging of the entire
> artwork which happened the last few releases is not acceptable.
> I'm sorry, but the design team will have to work with the same freezes as
> all the other teams, the current situation is not tenable.

If you have problems with our schedule then that needs to be discussed
appropriately when the schedules are published. The only point at which
we've explicitly missed a date in my recent memory was in F11 when we all
made a decision to go with better-looking artwork that was proposed past
the deadline. This was a decision that was unfortunate time-wise but that
I think we can agree was the right call to make for Fedora' appearance.

>> If the Fedora KDE spin would like to branch off and take its own
>> approach to the artwork and not use the design team's artwork, then that
>> is a different conversation.

> And at that point I guess we could
> just ship upstream's original artwork and not ask for their help at all.

I don't understand the difference between the above and this proposal.
Except maybe if the latter involves screening a blue layer on top :-p

>> Besides this, there are some fundamental issues with the proposal:
>> - Are these themes going to match oxygen AND tango?
> These themes will be for KDE only (Plasma wallpaper, KSplash, KDM,
> possibly
> also a Plasma theme,

Okay, this is where the sincerity/earnestness of the proposal completely
breaks apart for me. If the point is to give Linux desktops more
recognition/familiarity across distros, then not working to make the theme
match both the two most popular DE icon sets demonstrates a level of dogma
that makes involvement in the project even less appealing.
>> - How do you produce a set of artwork that doesn't clash with X distro's
>> individual branding styles??
> I have no idea how upstream plans to do that. That's why I'm sceptical.
> ;-)

Same here. Sounds great on paper - would love to see it work in reality -
but would rather save my last genie wish for a pony.


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