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I believe there is no place for any relegious reference. These matters
are complex to play with. I am not an art expert but Byzantine art
existed while Western Europe was facing the Dark Ages and there was a
huge impact from Christianity. You can't expect any work of art without
a religious reference.

So, to keep it simple I sense that we should say: "Hey! Byzantine art
used the mosaic art! Let's use it too."

For example, I would like something like this[1]. Or as Nicu mentioned
the four foundations.

[1] http://www.flickr.com/photos/soninka/40752634/

On Sun, 2009-06-28 at 14:54 +0200, Joost Elfering wrote:

> it's not about what's out there. it's about what you think of when you
> hear the name. association is more important then what is out there,
> this gives an idea on what people will expect.
> yope out.

When I hear that name...well, I turn to look if someone is looking for
me :P

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