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(I've been lurking on this list since the start of the f11 process and hope
one day to take a more productive part and had intended to stay lurking
until then, but I can't let this one go by....)

Hands up, I'm a secularist but I have no intention of starting any
flamewar...but I would strongly dispute the notion of everyone having a
soul.  Or even relating to that idea.  On the other hand as long as there's
nothing "come and join us true believers" about the result I don't think
many folk would have an issue with religion-inspired artwork.  Something in
our damned gene's seems to resonate to some of the shared ideas common to
many faiths.

2009/6/29 Samuele Storari <sstorari at byte-code.com>

> Hi all,
> I talked with Nicu about the Mosaic Theme at Fudcon just yesterday, and I
> think will be a good idea to work on.
> Maybe not as a mosaic effect, but a mosaic "subject".
> We can also think to an "Innovation Theme" cos Constantine the Emperor was
> the first to allow the Christian Religion all around the Roman Emp. so we
> can work on the innovation aspect and not on the religious side of the
> approach, maybe it will work.
> So another idea we can work on is a "spiritual Focused theme", 'cause
> Constantine decide to allow the religion only before dyin'; and for
> SPIRITUAL I don't mean RELIGIOUS focused but something about the "Soul" and
> the Soul is common to every people in the world.
> Maybe I can work on some other idea in those days so we can try to work on
> some little mockup.
> Samuele
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> Lets not forget about bay leaves crow seem on most Roman emperors. Those
> bay leaves could be subtle in background. As for mosaic, I think the
> concept should not be too complex unless someone know to effectively
> render them as wallpaper.
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