[Design-team] introduction

Joost Elfering yopefonic at gmail.com
Thu May 21 21:02:34 UTC 2009

hi all,

My name is Joost Elfering and joined the design team mailing list on advice
of Jeroen van Meeuwen (jeroenm). Professionally I'm a web designer/developer
with an affiliation for graphical and interaction design.

some quick info:
name: Joost Elfering
nickname: Yopefonic
age: 24
worked for: joost.com, cnet.com and several gaming communities

work done:
- logo design
- t-shirt/hoody/pants print design
- website design
- application design
- interaction design elements
- design for print
- stylesheet for branding

Currently I'm not availiable to do a lot of work because I'm working on my
graduation but after that i would be able to get some work done for the
design community.

ps: I was looking for an "idea" section on the art-wiki, I only found the
work list. it there a "idea" list? and where can I find it?

yope out!
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