[Design-team] CD/DVD cover design question

Máirín Duffy mairin at linuxgrrl.com
Thu Nov 12 18:28:11 UTC 2009

Hi Luya,

On Wed, 2009-11-11 at 15:34 -0800, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> rking on F12 artwork. As you have read my discussion with Bill, I
> included minimum requirement as template. There are some tweaking like
> visible Fedora logo and some layouts.
> In addition, I am planning to add Fudcon logo (need the source svg
> version) to match the event.

I took 4 hours today to finalize the sleeve and label designs since I've
been asked by a number of people where they are, and that they need them
yesterday (sigh.)

First I wanted to point at the finalized artwork:

Fedora wiki:

Design team shared drive:

I would also like to outline the changes I made to the sleeves, Luya,
for your own reference so you understand why I made them:

- I think adding minimum requirements to the sleeve is great. After
talking with Chris Lumens and Bill Nottingham in IRC this morning,
though, it turns out that the text-only requirement was really meant for
text-only anaconda, and that text-only anaconda isn't really supported
at all. So we all agreed to drop the text-only requirement as we would
rather not people go through text-only Fedora for the best experience.
(And if someone really needs to they are expert enough to not need the
line of information on the sleeve. They know where to find out.)

- The background in your mockups was squished vertically which looked a
little odd. When I tried to stretch it back out, there was not enough
contrast to have a Fedora logo on the back. So I removed the Fedora logo
on the back, but then I had trouble placing it on the front. The large
12 and the Fedora logo competed for attention. 

- I didn't like the alignment of the large 12 with the text - 'Install
DVD' for example wass aligned to the bottom part of the '1', but
'Fedora' is aligned to the top of the '1' so there's a weird diagonal
alignment going on that looked a little awkward.

- I decided to drop the large '12' in favor of a smaller one, so the
Fedora logo wasn't competing with it and so the alignment of everything
was a little bit neater.

- I matched the architecture lines on the front and back of the sleeve
so now they read exactly the same.

- I converted the 'join.fpo' and 'install dvd' etc text from paths back
to real text so in the future we can use the same template for the

- There were quite a few empty / stray polygons and text boxes in the
file. They gave rendering errors when I tried to export to PDF. I
removed them, and labeled all of the objects in the file for easy
reference (a directory of objects by name is available in the Scribus
'outline' dialog as I learned)


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