[Design-team] Remaining F12 design tasks - need your help!

Máirín Duffy mairin at linuxgrrl.com
Thu Oct 1 17:54:27 UTC 2009

Hi folks!

So Martin's working on getting the wallpapers into F12 beta, and Spot is 
working on getting the splashes & banners in. We missed our deadline of 
9-29 by a couple of days, but I think we're in good shape now.

We still need to take care of a few things though. Not only do we have 
to keep our eyes and ears open for feedback on the beta artwork to 
improve in the final release, but we also have other tasks to complete 
as well. Here's excerpts from the scheduled tasks John Poelstra posted 

- Create Beta Website Banner: due Fri 2009-10-09
- Create Count Down Graphic: due Tue 2009-10-13
-  Beta Release Public Availability Tue 2009-10-13 (would be nice to 
have release party poster templates for this, but not necessary)
- Create DVD/CD label and sleeve artwork: due 2009-10-27

Does anyone see a task here they'd like to pick off? All the artwork 
thus far, including sources, should be a handy resource for completing 
any of these, and it is available here:



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