[Design-team] Last call for wallpaper extras selection

Máirín Duffy mairin at linuxgrrl.com
Sat Oct 24 02:49:18 UTC 2009

On 10/23/2009 06:13 PM, Martin Sourada wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-10-23 at 17:44 -0400, Máirín Duffy wrote:
>> On 10/23/2009 05:44 PM, Martin Sourada wrote:
>>> If I understand correctly you mean these?
>>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Pruebas-f12-1.png
>>> Would be nice to have a higher resolution though.
>> Yep that's it. Let's do it?
> Well, if María has higher resolution and we only have smaller version on
> the wiki, it would be awesome, but I'm not sure if there is enough
> manpower to recreate it from scratch if that's not the case.
>> One other suggestion - this one is out for default but looks pretty cool:
>> http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/art/f12/oct%2020/43.png
> Now, this one *is* awesome! I'm about +10 for it >_<

Yay :)

Here's a better version, actually, that one has some bad seams in the


Another early variation of this work that a bunch of folks seem to like:


Neither of these have been pngcrushed or optimized at all though!


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