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Kamisamanou Burgess kamisamanou at kamisamanou.net
Sun Oct 25 01:20:44 UTC 2009


I might be beating an old horse, but I have a question:

Why can't the blue fedora be used in reference to the Fedora project?

Now before everyone starts dancing to the rattle of their keyboards, let me
clear up a few things.

   1. I don't want the hat to be the logo
   2. I like our current logo
   3. I've seen "The making of the Fedora Logo" on redhat.com

Why do I want to use the hat?
The answer really stems from an artistic standpoint. Characters such as
os-tans, linux penguins, etc. look really good with the hat. I like those
characters. I understand that the logo could be affixed to those, but it
looks weird as anything other than a badge for a shirt.

What follows is my counter to the page on the Fedora wiki.

> The hats you might have seen elsewhere were not Fedora logos


> . You might have seen the red hat that was passed down from Fedora's Red
> Hat Linux lineage

I don't want to use a red hat.

> Other hats have been community creations and never had any official
> connection to Fedora. Use our logo and avoid using hats to represent Fedora
> since we want Fedora to have its own independent brand.
I understand the need to seperate ourselves from Red Hat Linux, but Fedora
is a fork of a former version of Red Hat. Furthermore, Fedora is in the
name, making a direct reference to the shadowman's topper. Lastly, when
combined with the official colour scheme, the fedora(not referencing the red
hat design, most logos don't use it) does an extremely good job at
representing Fedora Linux.

Thanks for your time.

Kamisamanou Burgess
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