[Design-team] F13 Artwork Process

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 09:33:34 UTC 2009

Hi all!

So, to start the thread here on list, here's my feedback.

I think the F12 schedule worked rather well, we slipped a few times a
few days or a week and skipped most of the wallpaper refreshes -- I
think it's unnecessary to have that many wallpaper refreshes. I've tried
to keep in sync with our work the Key milestones [1] so you can compare
what we did in time and when we did it.

So the basic outline should IMHO be:
      * concepts submission for default wallpaper till month and a half
        before alpha
      * designs for alpha submission till month before alpha, WIP design
        submission deadline for extras wallpapers
      * in a following fortnight discuss what gets selected for default
        concept/design and package it for Alpha (ideally we should be
        able to make the package before alpha freeze)
      * Make only one or two refreshes in the following month and a half
        or so
      * Create beta wallpaper -- supposed to be nearly final --
        submission deadline for final extras designs; create supporting
        graphic in time to be packaged before the beta freeze
      * Based on beta feedback finalize beta wallpaper, make a final
        selection of extras wallpapers, package a two or three weeks
        before GA.

Note, that the dates above are for orientation only, if the general
schedule will be more/less tight we'll reflect it.

I believe these six points need to be in bold face in our schedule as
they are somehow important milestones. The rest of the schedule for F12
IMHO worked without much issues. Plus, it's nice poelstra e-mailed us
weekly with our upcoming design tasks. 

If there's a calendar instance at our sites (I remember folks were
talking about it on infra, but don't know whether they implemented it),
it would nice to load the schedule there -- calendar with highlights is
faster to follow than table with dates and not everyone uses one


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F12_Artwork#Key_Milestones
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