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Thu Oct 29 22:01:56 UTC 2009

> My Red Hat office, the Boston office, is going to be doing a program
> with a local middle school / jr. high (students are 11-14 I think) and
Cool stuff. But i do really not know if I should say "I regret you" or
"I'm pleased for you".
I have done several years of Computer Trainings (mostly Certified stuff
for the other big Computer Company with an "M"...) and also complete
Webdesign lectures, Tutoriales, etc.

Tipp: Always be prepared! Be prepared that the sessions are to short. Be
prepared that the sessions are to short. Be prepared to have more
Exercises. Be prepared to have less Exercises.

If they are 11-14 years maybe you pack also a bunch of the f-tatoos ;-)
... I know you do :-)
> I'm going to be teaching a 9 session (45 minutes a piece) course in
> Inkscape to the students. We are trying to introduce the students to the
> concept of free software & open content licenses such as Creative
> Commons, plus teach them how to use this useful tool that might help
> them in their academic career.
Do they have any skills? maybe you can get the "teaching-plan" from the
school and see what they usualy learn at this time of the year and
"implement" the incscape stuff (if they have in history some 9/11 stuff
-> draw skyscrapers, etc.).
In the first lesson I would "only" show them Incscape and look how far
you come. also you get the feeling how fast they learn.

But now some random thoughts:
In the second lesson I would first do some "rework" from last session
and then go forward.

I would also try to make some more "businesslike" things. maybe some
Flyer graphics or presentations, etc.

Anywhere between Session 3 and 5 I would do some RGB vs. CMYK Color

In Session 5 it says "play the White Stripes Creative Commons video" ...
video ;-) ?

For session 7 you can also play some music from e.g. jamendo in the
background; bring the kids into the mood...

Session 7 to 9 is about "building a band" ... I allways have your
sentence "help them in their academic career" in mind. Maybe there could
be a) an interresting idea wich b) but a bit more businesslike as an
alternative "project". Maybe they also could work in a small groupe like
a design-department or so (depends on the time and how far you get them
there ;-).

A nice thing I would found very cool as a kid is If I had after the
Sessions something they could show around and say "Hey, that I have mad.
And it looks very cool, right?!" maybe the Albumcover produced by you /
your Team with a pressed cc-licenced music compilation CD or so.
> (I also have materials from a 1-week class I taught at Red Hat High with
> John Bintz and MentalGuy from Inkscape:
> http://linuxgrrl.com/learn/Comic_Book_Creation_with_Inkscape)
Maybe you could ask the kids if they want a band or a comicbook. both
could be done in the time.

If you are through with the "Incscape in a class" you could write
something together so that it maybe ported to other countrys as well (if

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