[Design-team] Fedora Linux Day - Santiago, Chile

Jonathan Barrios jonisk8.77 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 17:22:06 UTC 2009

Thanks Nicu!

Im follow the list now!
Can write anything to read the conversation and see the logo ?

Thank u!

2009/9/2 Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro>

> On 09/02/2009 03:02 AM, Charles Sutton wrote:
> >
> > OK.  I understand from my reading of the usage guidelines of the Fedora
> > Logo and symbol that I cannot present the symbol in the manner of the
> > Chilean Flag I made yesterday.  This current attached version leaves at
> > least the minimum clear space and adds in the required TM.  It is my
> > first thing so I am curious to see what everybody thinks.  It is a
> > raster drawing, and so as it currently stands could not be scaled up to
> > be a basis of the poster Mr. Montero will someday need.
> Sorry for not replying earlier Charles. Indeed, your first graphic was a
> violation of the logo usage guidelines and the second version is better
> from this point of view.
> But you don't have to go with a white background for the logo, that
> square can come in any color (which will still leave the logo readable,
> by providing enough contrast). For example you can make it light blue,
> as the secondary color used in the logo.
> PS: i suspect the original requester, Jonathan, is not subscribed to the
> list and may not follow our conversation, so added him in CC
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