[Design-team] Design team ticket tackling: The Project

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Tue Apr 6 07:25:08 UTC 2010

We may see questions from newcomers hitting this list shortly, as a team 
from Allegheny College 
is tackling this project: 

I will be present in person this week to buffer, and will also be 
handling as many of their questions on IRC as possible - but part of 
that will be guiding students towards asking good questions in the 
channel and on the list, and learning how to come up with their own 
answers - with thinking-out-loud "how we came to this conclusion" 
rationale clearly stated, as befits the open source way of doing things. ;)

Just a heads-up - this is a good excuse to (1) flag easy/urgent tickets 
for them to start with and (2) for us to learn what the Design Team 
looks like to new contributors who are trying to figure out how to get 


--- excerpt below ---

So here's the problem:

The Design team has a bunch of tickets.

They need to be done.

They also need to be made more possible to work through - right now the 
pile is large and daunting, assumes a lot of background knowledge, uses 
acronyms, may not have a clear workflow... and so forth. Can you, as a 
newcomer, figure out what the Design Team does and how to help it? If 
not, this is a bug - and it's a bug that is our fault, and you will be 
helping us by pointing out how we can fix it. What resources do we need 
to provide to new Design contributors in order to smoothly get them started?

Your mission: close tickets. (Contact Mel Chua if you're not exactly 
sure what that means.)

Remember, the goal is to be "productively lost" - this is all the 
information we have right now, and you will probably have questions 
right away - we don't know what questions you need answers to, though, 
so once you find them we'll be pulling up (or making up!) the 
information for those answers. You should feel free to make up answers, 

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