[Design-team] FUDCon EMEA 2010

Marcus Moeller mail at marcus-moeller.de
Tue Apr 6 14:48:04 UTC 2010


>> > Does anyone have a fashion designer t-shirt design that they like? We
>> > should make something that someone would want to wear even if they
>> > didn't know what Fedora was - then they will start a conversation with
>> > the T-shirt wearer - 'where did you get that shirt?' which opens up the
>> > opportunity to sell Fedora :)
>> >
>> > I obviously like Hello Kitty t-shirts like the ones on sanrio.com but I
>> > don't think that helps :) These are some top-rated ones on threadless
>> > that might be inspirational!
>> Actually, neither my favorite one does not help at all:
>> http://nicubunu.ro/pictures/dsc_0005.jpg (at least it is black!) - even
>> I think twice every time I wear it somewhere :p
> I have sent these recently, but anyway. :) I just wanted to offer an
> idea for T-shirts.
> Back (No Fedora): http://shnurapet.fedorapeople.org/fedorabbit.svg

That's exactly how I am feeling today...

Best Regards

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