[Design-team] My First completed Task!!

Paul W. Frields stickster at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 14:08:25 UTC 2010

On Thu, Apr 08, 2010 at 08:30:02AM -0500, Manuel Escudero wrote:
>    Thank's For the Advices... I've uploaded both banners in ".svg" Format as
>    you said:
>    1: [1]http://goo.gl/6eT5
>    2: [2]http://goo.gl/KLfc
>    And also, I've attached them to the ticket.

Thanks for the files Manuel, but these aren't full sources.  If you
did work in Inkscape to produce the PNG, you would supply those
original SVG files.  If you did the work in Gimp, you would supply the
original XCF files, along with information on any of the photographic
sources or brushes you used.

These files appear to be a link embedded in an SVG file, so
unfortunately they're not useful to artists who want to collaborate
with you.

Can you remove these SVG attachments in the ticket, and provide the
true original material?  Thanks!

>    About why did I attached them in a Mail is because I thought that "The
>    Sources" Part was about giving the Original Artwork to the Designers, I
>    tought that attaching them was the better idea, but thank's for the
>    clearing...
>    By the way: is there any limitations, rules or quotas that I must Know
>    about what I can attach to an E-mail? because as far as I understand, if
>    someone does not want to Download a File, he/she Just Doesn't do that,
>    without caring about the size of such file.

There are some general mailing list guidelines you can find on our
wiki here:

For instance:

Hope that's helpful.

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